The metaverse is a fascinating, complex world of dynamic digital spaces, which offers brands and enterprises a unique opportunity to connect with and expand their target audience. Though recent events have shown us that people crave real-life experiences, it is only a matter of time before the metaverse becomes a mainstream reality.

The metaverse is still a relatively new and ever-evolving concept. Many businesses will play a critical role in shaping its development, incorporating elements of virtual gaming, digital economies, and augmented and virtual reality.

Businesses looking to engage with the metaverse will face many of the same challenges they have always encountered in the linear world, but these challenges will now require an appreciation of the digital environment and the dynamic features offered by the metaverse. Regulators, in particular, are keeping a close eye on the metaverse, working to ensure that current laws are sufficient to protect consumers and promote innovation.

The technologies underlying the metaverse will also present new legal challenges, requiring creative solutions to ensure a smooth and successful transition into this exciting new digital realm.

We’re incredibly proud of our deep sectoral expertise and proven track record in understanding new and emerging technologies, interpreting risks and regulatory challenges, and helping clients find value through technological disruption. This mindset guides us in every technology challenge you face, no matter your business. The metaverse is no exception.

In our latest thought leadership series, you can find views from our experts about the unique challenges presented by the metaverse, including technology, data privacy, real estate, interactive entertainment, music, employment, sports, telecoms and IP.

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